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Pension Potential

Welcome! If you’re planning to start taking your retirement benefits – now, or in the near future – you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pension Potential, we’re experts in helping people maximise the income they can get from their pension savings.

We’ve helped lots of people like you turn their pension savings into retirement income in a way that works for them, whether that’s starting to take retirement benefits a bit at a time, or taking your benefits all at once. Pension Potential will provide you a wide range of useful information and guidance, but we can also offer you individual financial advice through our Chartered Financial Planning service. Find out more about who we are and what we do.

We’ve designed Pension Potential to help you understand where to start, what’s involved and what to do so you get the most from those savings you’ve worked so hard to build up.
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What we do

  • Help you make a retirement plan
  • Show you all the options and help you understand them
  • Explain what kind of income each option could give you
  • Shop around to get a good deal for you
  • Set your options up (depending on what you choose)
  • Explain any fees clearly in advance
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Why use us?

  • We explain everything in plain English – no jargon from us!
  • We know the retirement market inside out
  • If you want advice, our highly-qualified advisers regularly update their knowledge
  • Our advice fees are competitive
  • FTAdviser ranks us as one of the top 100 financial advisers in the UK
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Options for taking your benefits

When you’re planning to take your benefits there’s a range of options, sometimes called the pension freedoms.

Visit our EasyFacts pages for simple, clear explanations of the pension freedoms.


Pension freedoms

What are the pension freedoms? EasyFacts can explain.

Guaranteed income (annuity)

You buy a policy that pays you an income for life (or a fixed period). Get EasyFacts insights on guaranteed income.

Flexible income (drawdown)

You take income out as and when you want to, leaving the rest of your pension savings invested. Here are your EasyFacts on flexible income.


You turn some or all of your pension savings into cash. Check EasyFacts for more about cash.

Mix your options

You combine two or more of the pension freedoms – for example, start with flexible income and buy a guaranteed income at a later date. EasyFacts can tell you more.


Timing when you take your benefits is vital. See EasyFacts to find out why.

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What kind of pension?

It’s important to understand what kind of pension savings you’ve got.
There are two main kinds.

  • Defined benefit (DB) – or final salary pensions

    A DB pension promises you a set level of yearly pension income based on part of your salary, and how long you built up benefits in the scheme. The pension freedoms aren’t available for DB pensions, but DB pensions are valuable in their own right as they offer a regular income for the rest of your life, that usually increases over time.

  • Defined contribution (DC)

    You build up pension savings based on contributions from you and your employer, and growth on your investments. When you retire you use the money built up in your pension savings for retirement benefits. The pension freedoms are the flexible options you have for using your savings to provide benefits.

Watch out for pension scams

When you’re planning to take your benefits – especially if you’re thinking of moving your savings to another pension – you need to watch out for scammers trying to entice you to transfer your savings to them. Beware of ‘free pension reviews’, ‘tax loopholes’ or ‘unmissable’ offers with ‘guaranteed’ investment returns – they could all be scams. Between 2017 and 2020 pension savers reported over £30 million of pension scam losses to Action Fraud.

Visit the ScamSmart webpage to find out more about pension scams and how to keep yourself safe from scammers.
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