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  • A bit about Rhodri

    Rhodri is 62.

    He has around £143,000 in his pension pot.

  • Background

    Rhodri wants the security of a guaranteed income (annuity). He also wants his annuity to have at least a 5-year guarantee period – so it’s guaranteed to pay out for at least 5 years after he starts to take it, even if he dies in the meantime.

    He’s not bothered about increases and is happy with a level income.

  • Rhodri's idea

    Rhodri’s existing provider can meet all
    his needs – or so he thinks.

    They’ve given him a quote for an
    income of £5,900 a year with a level
    annuity, paid monthly in advance, and
    guaranteed for 5 years.

    Can we do better?

  • Our guidance

    Rhodri asks us if we could help him get a quote with a guarantee of 10 years instead of 5 years. After shopping around, we get Rhodri a quote of £6,315 a year for the same kind of annuity – level, paid monthly in advance, but for a 10-year guarantee.

    That’s £415 a year more than Rhodri could have got with his current provider, and with a guarantee period of twice the length.

  • Fees

    The fee for our guidance was covered by commission from the provider, so there was nothing for Rhodri to pay personally.

The result

Thanks to our help, Rhodri gets £415 more a year – and a longer guarantee period – than if he’d stayed with his current provider.

This is a real-life example, but the name and details have been changed.

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