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What is guidance?

Guidance will help you compare the best annuity rates in the market.

Compare annuity rates

Key facts

  1. Guidance is intended to help you understand your retirement options, but it won’t make specific recommendations or tell you what you should do.
  2. We'll help you select the most suitable guaranteed income (annuity) provider based on your personal health and lifestyle.
  3. We provide a dashboard where you can compare the annuity prices for all the companies in the market. 
  4. It's suitable for anyone with £10,000 or more in pension savings
Reading time

3 mins

What you need

Key themes at a glance

Our guidance is available at no cost to you
Personal quotes
You'll be able to run as many example quotes as you want, to find the best one for you
The amount you could get paid from an annuity will be higher if you have any health issues

Pension Potential guidance

To provide personalised annuity quotes we need to collect information about your health and lifestyle.

We call this process the 'guidance journey'.

The journey is broken up into six stages which will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes altogether to complete. 

  1. Identity check
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Your medical conditions
  4. Your daily life
  5. Your quotes
  6. Finalise your application

You're welcome to leave and re-join the journey as often as you need.

We deal with the whole annuity market:

“This solution tackles some big questions by bringing together key information in one place, backed up with a person to talk to if it feels overwhelming."

Boring Money
Financial Consumer Website 

What should I do next?

Find the best option for your retirement

Answer 8-10 questions to understand what support you need.
There's no commitment or cost to you.
Create your own pension approach